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If you’re browsing this page, I assume you may be interested in one of these topics:

– How to start modeling and become a successful model?
– How to give your current career a boost and finally see the progress?

Or maybe you’re unsure if modeling is for you, because you’re not feeling confident enough; don’t know if you fit into modeling industry standards or not; wondering if you can make money with this career etc.?

– Are you a parent of an aspiring model and want to make sure your child is safe?

I will guide you through and will help figure out your options in modeling industry while being completely hones with you. Good thing about coaching – it helps SEEING THE CLEAR PATH right away, because most of the times when it comes to our dreams and deep desires, we either don’t see it clearly or too afraid to see it. Together we will figure out the best possible career plan for you and will make this journey as smooth as possible.

* I will tell you a secret – even if you don’t fit into modeling industry standards, there are some ways to pursue this career, but the strategy will be different and you’ll have to work really hard to get there.

This is not a modeling school or modeling agency. Private 1:1 model coaching sessions and model mentorship with Tatiana Kurnosova will help you avoid scams, increase your chances of becoming a successful agency – represented and /or freelance model, get premium bookings, have a clear career plan while knowing exactly how to get there in the shortest period of time. We will work on YOUR CASE, your unique situation.

* Please choose the available type of coaching session and email to to proceed further


1. “Basic” model coaching session: I’M READY TO SHINE✨ – 500 USD

1,5-2 hours online video call or in person consultation + monthly-long mentorship via messenger.

I will be contacting you once a week to check up on you, see the progress you’ve made and give you a ‘to do list’ and some ‘homework’. I always keep in touch with my clients and am ready to help you out and answer any additional questions.

*Model coaching session for models (adults and teenagers) and model’s parents may include topics relative to:

– fitting into modeling industry standards & your chances in the industry
– modeling agency application
– which modeling niche to pursue
– building your portfolio
– modeling agency contracts
– social media branding
– freelance modeling
– career planning & improvement (especially for experienced models)
– etc.
The topics may be changed / added based on your request. This is an individual work and we plan everything based on your unique case.

2. “Complete” model coaching session: MAKE ME A STAR✨ – 900 USD

2 video calls (or 1 in person consultation + 1 video call) + 2 months of mentorship program.

This option guarantees in depth work on variety of topics and additional materials for you for further career development. Achieve your goals in the quickest way possible.
*For experienced models our primary focus is higher pay checks and premium bookings, improving your career on every level.

3. Modeling portfolio review – 300 USD / 1 hour OR written review 200 USD

Having a strong modeling portfolio is really important for both agency represented and freelance models. I will review your portfolio will help you improve it. I will also give you tips and advices on what to add / delete from your book, how to present it to clients and how to make the most out of what you have at the moment etc.


1. How to book the coaching session?

– Please choose the available type of coaching session and email to to proceed further with the payment and details.

Please provide short information about yourself, links to your social media accounts and 3-5 topics you’re most interested in (if applicable).

TThe date of your session will be scheduled after receiving the payment.

2. What is the refund policy for coaching with Tatiana Kurnosova?

– All of the coaching sessions a prepaid and non-refundable. In case of emergency the model coaching session can be rescheduled. Please keep in mind that rescheduling can be done only once.

3. I can’t afford 1:1 model coaching sessions at the moment, can you help me with little advice?

As much as I would love to help each and every one of you, I value my time and personal space and try to keep my work / life balance, which is why answering and analyzing your cases in my free time is almost impossible.

The more affordable and also quick way to plan your career and improve knowledge about modeling industry is to buy one of my books. You will get structured information and clear instructions on how to become a model and /or learn about particular topic.
And you are always welcome to check the free resources I share on my Instagram and YouTube channel.

Start here to learn “the knowledge base” about modeling industry.


It’s always better to try rather than living in regret that you haven’t tried it at all.

✨ Anything you can imagine is already available to you. You just need to be smart and find a way to make it happen. Invest in your future now!