Are you feeling lost on how to become a model? Are you unsure if modeling is for you because you're not feeling confident whether you fit into modeling industry standards or not? Or maybe you're simply wondering if you can make money with this career?

I will help you figure out your options and will be completely honest with you about your chances in modeling industry.

I will help you get agency signed and or booked on freelance work too.

Tatiana Kurnosova is a fashion photographer, stylist and model scout, who have been working in fashion industry for more than 10 years.

As a modeling coach / model mentor Tatiana is teaching aspiring models of various ages and backgrounds on how to become a model and make the best out of every opportunity of yours.

Tatiana Kurnosova also shares free resources on her YouTube channel to help you understand the modeling industry and more

This is not a modeling school or modeling agency. Private 1:1 coaching sessions with Tatiana Kurnosova will help you avoid scams, increase your chances on becoming successful agency - signed or freelance model, set up realistic goals and go for it.

* Please choose the available type of coaching session and email to to proceed further


1. "Basic" model coaching session - 400 USD - 1,5-2 hours online via zoom or offline in person + montly-long mentorship via messenger.

Model coaching for aspiring models ( adults and teenagers ) and models parents. A video call session via Zoom or any other messenger.

This model coaching session includes topics relative to:
- fitting into modeling industry standards & your chances in the industry
- modeling agency applications
- which modeling niche to pursue
- building your portfolio
- modeling agency contracts
- social media branding
- freelance modeling
- etc.

2. Model digitals and agency application review - 200 USD / 30 minutes OR written review 150 USD

Review of agency submission digitals / digitals for freelance modeling. How to present yourself the best way based on your look, how to take digitals, polaroids and video materials for modeling agency application.

3. Modeling portfolio review - 300 USD / 1 hour OR written review 200 USD

Having a strong modeling portfolio is really important for both agency represented and freelance models. I will review your portfolio will help you improve it. I will also give you tips and advices on what to add / delete from your book, how to present it to clients and how to make the most out of what you have at the moment etc.

4. Modeling Agency Research - 300 USD

If you're having a hard time finding the best agency for yourself, I can do the research for you. I will compose a list of agencies specifically for you, so all you have to do is contact them and apply.

Before choosing this option, please make sure that you fit into modeling industry standards (video) or you are absolutely sure that you have a strong desire to try breaking into the modeling industry and applying t the agencies anyways. If you're not sure, I recommend you to book me for a "basic" coaching session first, so we could make a good strategy for your personal case. Please remember that being agency represented model isn't the best career option for everyone. Sometimes freelance work can be more beneficial, each case is different.


1. How to book the coaching session?

- Please choose the available type of coaching session and email to to proceed further with the payment and details.

Please provide short information about yourself, links to your social media accounts and 3-5 topics you're most interested in (if applicable).

The date of your session will be scheduled after receiving the payment.

2. What is the refund policy for coaching with Tatiana Kurnosova?

- All of the coaching sessions a prepaid and non - refundable. In case of emergency the model coaching session can be rescheduled. Please keep in mind that rescheduling can be done only once.

3. I can't afford 1:1 model coaching sessions at the moment, can you help me with little advice?

As much as I would love to help each and every one of you, I value my time and personal space as well as try to keep my work / life balance, which is why answering and analyzing your cases in my free time, is almost impossible.

But I do share many resources and info about modeling industry on my platforms and if you'll take your time to analyze it and learn, you will most likely find all of the answers by yourself.

- Please visit my YouTube channel. There are lots of helpful videos there that are completely free of charge
- There are also books of mine available on Amazon that may help you on the way to achieving your goals Both online and printed versions are available. Worldwide shipping.
- I regularly share advices and post q&a on my instagram account


I always say: it's better try something rather than living in regret that you haven't tried it at all and wondering what would have happened if you have...